The Property

Located in the heart of the marshland and in the equestrian council of Goleg, the Quinta dos lamos is well-known to welcome its guests with all its honourable history and tradition, spanning more than three centuries.

The Quinta dos lamos is one of three great references for agriculture and cattle breeding within the council and offers a long history, respect to nature and cultural and artistic activities, being the origin of its foundation, to its guests.

At this place of brave people guests can immerse themselves in the experience of generations dedicated to the fields, respecting habits and the preservation of nature.

Enriching activities will show you that ecology is a Portuguese concept which goes from generation to generation revealing the ancestral respect that we have for this mother which gives, has and claims everything. Because at Quinta dos lamos we honour Her every single day.

These are some of our values that we would like to share with you.

Looking forward to welcoming you!




1525 - 1536 Donation Dom Sebastio donated it to his uncle Dom Aleixo de Meneses to demonstrate his gratitude for his attention.

21st August 1801 Legal and Proprietorship Dom Brs Jos Baltazar da Piedade da Silveira, 9th Marqus das Minas, becomes owner with administration by Conde de So Tiago, Dom Nuno Aleixo da Silva.

29th September 1819 to 1823 (during 4 years) - Rental rented to Mr Rafael Jos da Cunha by the administrator of the property Dom Nuno Maria Jos Baltazar da Piedade da Silveira.

1856 Inheritance Dom Pedro inherits after the death of his father Dom Braz.

1867 Inheritance Mother of Dom Pedro, Dona Eugnia de Sousa Holstein (Marquesa de Minas), inherits after the death of her son Dom Pedro.

8th March 1871 Sale Dona Eugnia de Sousa Holstein, Marquesa de Minas, widow, sells to Frederico Tavares Bonacho (brother in law of Gaspar Gomes dos Anjos royal decorator of Dona Maria and co-founder of the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon) who does the Reconstruction of the Palace

28th March 1910 Inheritance Frederico Bonacho dos Anjos (photographer), nephew of Frederico Tavares Bonacho (single man), inherits from his uncle.

24th April 1964 Inheritance Gaspar Bonacho dos Anjos, inherits from his father Frederico Bonacho dos Anjos.

1970 Sale Gaspar Bonacho dos Anjos sells to Sommeran (Fernando Sommer de Andrade).

28th April 1980 Sale Sommeran sells to Irmos Mota Lda. the current owners.