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"Organisation of events"

Rental of facilities and organisation of events

The old granary, which has capacity for over 300 guests, is an ideal location for special events such as


  • Weddings


  • Baptisms


  • Business meetings


  • Marketing events, etc.

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"Nature in harmony with art"

Temporary exhibitions


  • A place in a rural environment and with exceptional light conditions is available to artists who would like to promote their work.


  • Facilities within 370m2 of open space of a recovered granary.


  • For further information please contact us.


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"Permanent exhibition"

Permanent exhibition

"Frederico Bonacho dos Anjos, meritorious of his native land, important farmer and milker, renowned photographer and amateur tauromachian horseman, friend and student of Carlos Relvas."

(1877 – 1947)

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